Folawiyo Energy Trading Ltd

Folawiyo Energy Trading Ltd


Folawiyo Energy Trading Ltd is a member of the Group of Companies that has vast marketing and trading experience in import and export of petroleum products .e.g. crude, condensate, LPG, LNG business. We are represented in Africa, Europe, South America and the far East.

Our affiliated company, Folawiyo Energy Ltd is particularly active in the Nigerian market storage. They own and run the most sophisticated petroleum product tank farms in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

At Folawiyo Energy Trading Ltd we are continuously evolving to meet the new challenges of the market. By recruiting new expertise, we are sure that our competitive edge will enable us to push our brand into the 21st century, in order to gain loyal clients, while meeting industrial demands.

Through comprehensive worldwide networking and joint venturing with national oil companies, major oil companies and strong independent companies. We are consistently providing excellent service to our trading partners, while boosting our company’s profile in the petroleum trading industry.

Folawiyo Energy Trading Ltd is represented in five continents. We are able to manage and operate twenty-four hours around the clock, so we do not miss single opportunity that may arise in the market.

The Folawiyo Energy Trading Ltd team is made up of experienced operators, finance specialists, claim specialists, Senior Traders and analysts. The team is actively involved in ensuring that contracts are fulfilled according to the agreed terms and conditions.