Folawiyo Energy Ltd

Folawiyo Energy Ltd


Folawiyo Energy Ltd is a downstream Oil and Gas Company focused on the storage and distribution of refined fuel product with our own privately owned deepwater jetty in Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. We pride ourselves on being a world-class tank farm facility and in providing service excellence to all our customers.

The success of our facility rests on the seamless combined workings of our various departments. This teamwork is essential to our various operations as a whole and is an integral part of our Company ethos.


Provide world-class services in our industry and to set the benchmark in our field.


World class professional organisation dedicated to the provision of excellence in service delivery whilst having a high-level maintenance culture in our facilities.

Core Values

We are a team of professionals and our core values are very dear to us, forming the very essence of our delivery of world-class services to our very satisfied customers. The core values are summed up as the following;

P – Professionalism

R – Reliability

I – Integrity

C – Creativity and Innovation

E – Excellence

Specification, Capacity and potential

Operating storage – 100 million litres tankage capacity

    • 3 by 34m (dia) X 25m (h) tanks of 22.6million litres

    • 3 by 25m (dia) X 22m (h) tanks of 10.6million litres

  • 8 truck-loading bays
  • Simultaneous truck-loading & offloading capabilities
  • System sized to discharge 33,000 Mt (45,000,000 litres) from a berthed vessel in 24-hours
  • 10.5-metre (minimum) draught at private jetty
  • Truck-out capability of 305 million litres per month
  • PMS purpose-built tanks
  • Storage tanks have floating roofs
  • Built to full API 650 and NFPA 30 specifications
  • Separating bund walls for product tanks
  • Fully autonomous facility with own power and water supply
    • 4 X 415 KW Diesel powered generators

    • 1 X 185 KW Diesel powered generator

  • Truck-loading pumps are sized for operations at 510,000 litres/hr

    • Trucks can be loaded in 20mins

    • Proven capacity of 350 trucks loaded/day (12.2 million litres equivalent

  • Plant redundancy

    • Facility is designed for 99% annual uptime

  • All facility pumps, meters and control systems have been designed in line with international specifications
  • Discharge into the trucks is controlled by electronic pre-set discharge meters at the loading arms
  • Safe secure operations offices on site
  • Security perimeter monitored with flood lighting and guard towers at bund walls
  • CCTV Monitored


Site fire and safety systems have been designed to comply with international safety standards, namely:- American Petroleum Institute (API)

    • National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA)

    • Department of Petroleum Regulation (DPR) requirements

  • 2,000,000 litres capacity fresh water tank on site with cross-over to continuous creek water supply

  • 2 nos 45,000 litres capacity FP70 (foam) tanks

  • 2 X 550 Kw fire water pumps (1650 M3/hr) and 3 jockey pumps (36m3/hr) provide 70 minutes of continuous water spray and foam pouring from:

    • Foam pourers to the tanks and bund area

    • Sprinkler nozzles to the tank shells, pump houses and truck-loading bays

    • 2 X 400 ltrs/second submersible water pumps

  • Bund walls are 3.5 meters high and can contain 110% of the largest tanks capacity

  • Truck consolidation/marshalling facility, located in Amuwo Odofin Industrial Estate (Mile Two) has been in operation since inception

  • Trucks are inspected vis-a-vis a safety checklist prior to obtaining documents to load

  • Only once the depot is ready to accommodate trucks, are they released from the consolidation facility

Integrity and ability to meet required specifications

  • Laboratory and on-site testing facility are available to enable measurement and sampling of received and distributed products

  • Average ship offloading/cargo discharge rate at a capacity of

    • 2.4 million litres/hr
    • 33,000mt (45 million litres) vessel can be off-loaded within 24 hours
  • Custody transfer is controlled via 14 inch Coriolis mass flow meters at the jetty